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Player Information

Name: Ellis
Age: Yes
Timezone: UK whatever we’re in right now
Contact Info: You’ve got me on both

Character Information

All player characters must be 7th graders of Blackbell Middle School.

Name: Alexander
Age: Age of your character. 13
Gender: Male

PB: see above- drawn by myself
Appearance: Alexander is of average height and weight for a boy of thirteen, not yet having hit the stage of uneven growth spurts that renders so many teens awkward and ungainly looking. His face follows suit; still blessed with clear skin and youthful glee. His nose is small, pointing up ever so slightly, while his mouth is rarely found without an impish smile playing in its corners. Large, soft brown eyes complete his baby faced look, though he has taken to applying dark eyeshadows in an attempt at imposing some maturity onto his face. Sweeping back from his forehead is a plume of dusty pink hair which seemingly refuses to lie flat no matter how hard anyone tries to smooth it down, much to the long running dismay of his parents.

For his attire he favours wearing oversized, loose-knit sweaters that hang heavy over his shoulders, all fraying threads and patchworked elbows with sleeves and hemlines too large for his compact frame. Worn with these are patterned leggings and short boots so chunky and large as to seemingly swallow his narrow ankles.

Archetype: Soft goth kid - Hangs around graveyards - History nerd

Personality: .
Alexander is a vivacious lil’ kid and is endlessly found delving into school activities and classroom conversations. However, he’s just as happy keeping to himself- as long as he has something to do. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of things which hold his interest, as just about everything seems to hold some fascination for him. Growing up as an only child to doting parents he’s very much used to having run of the house and the full attention of those around him. He can be a little overbearing when he decides someone HAS to hear his current thoughts or interests. It all comes from a place of passion and good intentions, though, and he’ll devote equal amounts of time to listening to what makes other people tick if you can catch him at a quiet moment.

Background/History: Most notably, Alexander has frequently been out of school for months at a time due to his parents’ profession. The pair of them are archaeologists and have instilled that same passion into their son by way of bringing him with them when they travel for work. While this has left him with more stories and cool nicknacks than any one kid should really have he struggles to form close bonds with his peers due to being gone for such a large part of the school year. When he is around much of his free time is spent loitering around local graveyards and curiosity stores, the library, or at home with his parents. He lives in a fairly well-off part of town. All his social media pages are dedicated to facts and updates about world history, with a smattering of selfies thrown in.

Starter Pokemon

Pokemon: Litwick
Name: Yankee
Personality: Yankee is apathetic to the extreme; dozy, unwilling to do much more than sleep and occasionally phase into dark rooms at night. Alexander keeps a handled saucer with him at all times as when Yankee is out the ball, it has to be carried around.
Met: A decrepit mausoleum.

Pokemon: Zorua (shiny)
Name: Yauncy
Personality: While Yankee can hardly be encouraged to move, Yauncy is just as effervescent and energetic as his owner. He has a tendency towards trouble and will impersonate other kids’ pokemon. On a few occasions, he’s even gone home with other trainers, only to run off once he’s been given dinner.
Met: A gift from his parents.

Reserved Pokemon

Legendary reserve: Diance

Field Reserve: Dieno
Water Reserve: Skrelp
Mountain Reserve: Carbink

Other reserves: Sableye*, Misdreavus, Yamask*
Sample RP post: I’ve never done forum RP, but I can provide a transcript from some group MMO rp. (Sabik Delanor) is my character.


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